9D Virtual Reality & Mobile Arcade Adventure in Ohio

Mobile Virtual Reality is a mobile arcade that comes to your locations for a virtual reality ride that moves around and provides a simulated experience in moving chairs. Our passion to offer a comfortable amusement is a significant factor about Mobile Virtual Reality.

How the Journey Began

We went on our first vacation together to Las Vegas! Had the time of our lives! When we were on the main strip, we ventured off into the little strip mall area and went into a shop that had Virtual Reality Chairs, and that's all, inside. Neither of us had tried anything like it before, so we excitedly picked our two destinations, climbed in the chairs, put on our glasses and buckled up for a ride we weren’t sure of.

We went to the haunted house and on a roller coaster ride that got our hearts pumping. As soon as our turn was over, we immediately went to the young man running the games and asked him for two more games and climbed right back in those seats, ready for more!

Spaceship Adventure in Virtual Reality

The Idea of Mobile Arcade in Ohio

We had so much fun doing the virtual reality chairs that night that Robby’s mind started turning immediately. When we got back home to Ohio, we sat down, and Robby said we needed to find out how to get some of those seats and make them available to people everywhere. We researched everything and got tons of information, and the biggest thing that came up was that, in a 100-mile radius around us, there was nothing anything like what we were about to do. So, we got all our lists together and came up with those amazingly fun and exciting rides/games we just experienced, and we need to make them mobile so that we can share them with everyone.

Wheels on Mission

We thought, why not put them in a trailer and take them to fairs and festivals, and even better, offer them to people at their homes for parties for the kids or when adults have a get-together, offer it to them? Now we’re super excited and making it a reality for all to enjoy! 

  You don’t have to come to us, as we’ll gladly come to you with our 9D virtual reality simulator! Mobile Virtual Reality’s vision is now Reality, Virtually Mobile! 

Mobile Virtual Reality