Virtual Reality on Wheels!

Offering a Unique 9D Experience of Rides Out of This World at Your Location

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Mobile Virtual Ride at Your Location Near Xenia, OH

Mobile Virtual Reality aims to provide you with an out of this world experience through our virtual rides. With our Mobile Arcade, you can explore the Milky Way, Venus, Mars after taking off in your rocket, then reach warp speed, as only binary code could allow, and you are there! All at your convenience, we are dedicated to finding great amusement in your every trip.

Over a hundred Great Rides

We offer many kinds of Virtual Reality Rides. You can be bludgeoned by zombies around every corner while looking down at your hacked up and oozing legs with a 180* vision of horror yet to come, a trip to Jurassic Park to drive among Tyrannosaurus Rex, explore the far reaches of space, roller coasters, and so much more!

Good Old & Contemporary Fun

Mobile Virtual Reality wants to bring to your local festivals, old-fashioned day parades, birthday parties, street fairs and personal residences, your party, your house! Not just TVs with X-Box games, roller coasters that could never be built, along with real live satellite views of Mars, and you’re there, the one filming the surface for the rest of the world to see!

Not 3D, yet 9D and an interactive chair, which brushes your legs, sink upon descent and air blows as you reach the top of the roller coaster and plunge back down towards the earth, the air flowing through your hair, and 9D.

Mobile Virtual Reality

A Unique Experience

Mobile Virtual Reality is committed to bringing an experience not offered anywhere. We bring the amusement at your convenience, at your home, at local fairs, birthday parties, and family gatherings. 

We bring adventures that kids and adults will be anxiously waiting for by the #1 company of Mobile Virtual Reality!  

Mobile Virtual Reality